1 - What does Cottage hotel-room mean?

Our Cottage hotel-room, or Condo or Apart hotel, is a proven real estate investment across the world. It allows people to purchase a real hotel room without the “hassle” of caring for it. The business model adopted enables the investor to purchase a high quality unit and then hire a professional hotel management company to rent, maintain and operate the facility! As an investor you do not pay any on-going fees such as electricity, community taxes, water bills etc.


2 - Is it a form of timeshare?

No, you are buying the freehold of a cottage. Timeshare only offers the investor the right to use a property for a time period that you specifically purchase. With Benefit-Hotels SA you own your cottage 100% freehold.


3 - Can I get a real estate mortgage on this?

No, the business model adopted and our cost-effective cottages don’t allow a real estate mortgage, due to the fact that you will not own the land where is located your investment. However, in most cases you could get a consumer loan or a collateral loan, depending on your income. See your financial advisor.


4 - How do I know it will be rented out?

Every buy-to-let investment we offer is fully vetted and is only approved if the location of the property is in an established tourist destination with a proven track record in tourism. We also take a great deal of care with choosing the right management partners to ensure that solid distribution channels are in place to market the property sufficiently.


5 - What does “pooled” income mean?

At Benefit-Hotels SA we feel that if your returns are reliant on a single unit being rented out the risk of not generating good income is much higher. It is for this reason that all our cottages are “pooled”. Investors earn returns from the revenue generated from the whole resort, according to their share of ownership; this significantly reduces the risk and ensures that they receive the maximum possible return on their capital.


6 - Can I sell my cottage anytime?

Absolutely, however if you sell before the end of the hotel management contract, the new purchaser must honour the remaining length of the contract.


7 - Is my investment guaranteed?

Your investment is guaranteed by the freehold property title in your name (or a company name if you prefer).


8 - Is my income guaranteed?

The income is not guaranteed and is reliant to factors beyond our control. However, Benefit-hotels SA with his partners can offer you a good rental insurance for 3 years. See you advisor.


9 - Can I use my cottage at any time?

Your cottage is primarily a rental unit, not a residential property. The hotel rules limit owners‘ use of your unit to a maximum of 15 days per year, at certain dates. Your cottage has to be available for rent and you are encouraged to make it available as much as possible to generate maximum rental income.


10 -How do I know how many nights my cottage was rented out?

An advanced software system will be in place allowing owners to view the financial situation of their investment. Each owner will have online access with an individual account. The statements will reflect rental occupancy, rental revenue, and quarterly management fees as well as the reserve fund cost.


11 - Who will be liable for construction defects and secondary damages?

Just as in your home country, a Portuguese constructor is liable for any constructional and consequential damage or defects. An independent technician appointed by the compulsory building insurance company is continuously controlling the construction and certifying the buildings quality.



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