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Hotel Industry Insight: 3 core Businesses of Benefit-Hotels SA


In order to manage and continue growth, Benefit-Hotels SA has established a new organization of its activities, which reflects its three core businesses: Research, Construction and Hotel Management.


This new organization is able to deliver the value creation strategy implemented by the Group since its inception. Under this new structure, Christophe VALLEE, CEO of Benefit-Hotels SA is joined by Fernando Da Silva, an expert in hotel industry to senior management our entity Benefit-Hotels SA.




Locations on axis Porto-Lisbon-Algarve


The development axis Porto-Lisbon-Faro, is a choice where we can invest in ambitious projects taking into account two key success factors:

  • Geographical proximity to project monitoring and coordination of the future network of hotels,

  • The quality of the installation linked to locations in leading tourist areas .

The ultimate criterion for choosing a layout is done on the property itself, the Group setting of the hotels with a real potential.


Respect and preservation of natural resource


To guarantee the most beautiful destinations in preserved places, Benefit-Hotels SA group educates its employees and customers to the challenges of sustainable development and the preservation of our natural resources (water saving, electricity saving, waste sorting, use of environmentally friendly maintenance products...). At construction sites, the Group pays particular attention to techniques and materials in order to improve its energy balance.




Our hotels are built in the heart of the largest economic centres in major regions of Portugal and soon in Angola and Mozambique. An anticipation of everything that can contribute to the sustainability of the construction, quality of materials, equipment and decoration. Using modern and efficient techniques. A valuation continued investment and living comfort sought by guests.




Strict management while freeing you from daily worries. A guarantee on the quality of the operation of your asset. A single contact. Our action is based on two objectives: profitability and sustainability of your investment through a guaranteed income and a perpetual search of the highest level of investor satisfaction.



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