Reasons to Invest in Portugal





Golf tourism is growing four times faster than all other forms of tourism and golf tourists generally spend quite a bit more than your average holiday maker. In Lisbon, which includes several prestigious golf developments including Academia International de Golfe Estoril Sol (Sintra), is just a stones throw from most of the major European capitals and is generally accepted as being the number one destination in Europe for golf with a season lasting from late autumn till late spring, often enjoying mild and sunny winters. Just under a quarter of a million golfers hit Portugal every year making a substantial contribution to the local economy and adding weight to the case that Portugal is very valuable for investment properties.


Resilient property prices



During the last ten years property prices in the Lisbon area have virtually doubled with the latest statistics suggesting that prices increased by 6% in 2015. Golf's huge and growing popularity is a key factor in Portugal's continued strong capital appreciation that is well into double figures annually.


A buoyant buy-to-let market



There really is something for everyone in Portugal and its appeal is growing annually; a destination that offers fantastic weather, stunning beaches, entertainment, sporting activities, great food, wine, a diverse way of life and 300 days of sunshine a year. Over 1 million foreign residents have already purchased a property in Portugal for investment purposes.


Strong Tourist Demand



Portugal is among the top 20 most visited destinations in the world. In total more than 10 million visitors travelled to Portugal last year (Source: World Travel and Tourism Council). Lisbon is, after Barcelona, the European city attracting the most number of tourists, with 3.56 millions of them sleeping in the city's hotels in 2015 spending €1.620 billion.


Portugal is easily accessible and affordable



Travelling to Portugal from just about any major European city with EasyJet, Ryanair, British Airways, Monarch, Jet2, Air France, etc are among some of the regular airlines that offer cheap, direct flights into Portugal. The cost of living in Portugal is also quite considerably cheaper than many other European countries. In fact most northern Europeans who live modestly in Portugal without over-doing the luxuries will find that the cost of living can be up to 50 per cent lower than their home country.


Portugal – A stable government and prosperous place to do business



Successive governments have privatized many state-controlled firms and liberalized key areas of the economy including the financial and telecommunications sectors. The government has also introduced a broad range of measures to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public services and lower the costs that government administration and regulations impose on citizens and firms. As part of the country’s economic plan, Portugal will invest 10 billion Euros into its infrastructure over the next 5 years, making use of the European Union’s structural and cohesion funds available to them.





New Highways have been opened linking the Lisbon to the most principal cities in Portugal, and Spain like Sevilla. Portugal is ranked 2nd (of 141) for his quality of roads (by World economic Forum Report 2015).


Motor sports



The FIA Standard Autodromo International is attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors Annually. It is also home to a motor racing centre of excellence where several supercars are built there including Porsche.


The Europe’s most luxurious resort



Cidade Lacustre is the future €750 Million plan for the expansion of Vilamoura including a 300-berth Marina, five and six-star hotels, lakes, parks, shopping and residential areas. To become Europe’s most luxurious resort !





The Portuguese Government decided to build a new airport to serve the Lisbon region, which will be located some 42 km east of the city centre on the South bank of the river Tagus. The decision was driven by the lack of additional capacity at the current Lisbon Airport and the impossibility of significantly expanding the existing facilities. Operations at the New Lisbon Airport should start by 2017. Also, the Porto airport is ranked 5th best airport in Europe !


Business in Portugal



Portugal is an innovative country with a friendly economic environment and diversified regions. Portugal has great logistic and communication infrastructures with connections to major cities by air, land, sea, road or railway and our communications and telephone systems are known as one of the best and more advanced in the world. Several Hi-tech companies like Vodafone, Porsche, Audi have invested in Portugal recently spending tens of millions on highly advanced research and development centres.





Property prices soared throughout Portugal in the 1980s, particularly in the major cities, where prices rose dramatically.


Living costs



Portugal is part of Western Europe and uses the euro, so it’s never going to be dirt cheap, but compared to any country to the north of it, this destination is a real bargain for travellers. It makes a great value alternative to Spain, France, or Italy.





The climate is one of the healthiest and most pleasant in the world.





Portuguese people are really nice This is an understatement; Portuguese people are some of the friendliest in the world, and they seriously go above and beyond when it comes to hospitality. Also, a lot of people in Portugal speak English.



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